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How To Wear Polo Shirts: A Style Guide For Men

When styling polo shirts for men, you can experiment with a wide variety of different looks. Polo shirts are a staple in men's wardrobes, offering a versatile option that can be dressed up or down for different occasions. Whether you're heading to the office, attending a casual weekend brunch, or enjoying a day out on the golf course, knowing how to wear a polo shirt can instantly elevate your look.

In this comprehensive style guide, we'll explore the art of wearing polo shirts, from choosing the right fit and fabric to styling them for various occasions. Whether you’re looking to put together casual weekend outfits or elevate your look for semi-formal events, you’ll get to explore numerous ways to wear polo shirts with confidence and flair. So, let's get started on your journey to mastering the art of polo shirt styling!

Choosing the Right Polo Shirt

Before we get to the styling tips, it's essential to start with the basics: choosing the right polo shirt. When shopping for a polo shirt, consider the fabric, fit, and color.

Opt for polo shirts made from high-quality materials like cotton, pique, or a blend of cotton and polyester for a comfortable and breathable feel. These materials are known for their durability and ability to retain their shape, making them ideal for regular wear. If you’re golfing in your polo shirt, one made of performance-tech material can help facilitate better performance on the course.

Ensure the polo shirt fits well, with the shoulder seams sitting at the edge of your shoulders and the sleeves reaching just above your biceps. Avoid overly tight or loose fits, as they can detract from the overall look.

You can never go wrong with classic colors like white, navy, black, and grey, as they serve as versatile wardrobe staples that can be paired with a variety of bottoms. If you want to add a pop of color, consider shades like burgundy, forest green, or royal blue, or even patterned polos that create a fun and vibrant look.

What Bottoms Should You Wear with Polo Shirts?

Polos look best when paired with well-made jeans, khakis, or chinos, so it’s best to avoid wearing them with more casual bottoms such as joggers or sweatpants. Remember: pants with a tailored fit will always give your look a clean and classy feel.

How to Wear Polo Shirts Casually

Polo shirts are perfect for casual occasions, providing a polished yet relaxed fit. Here are a few style tips for wearing polo shirts casually:

  • Firstly, you could pair your polo shirt with chinos or tailored shorts for a laid-back weekend outfit.
  • Opt for neutral-colored bottoms to keep the focus on your shirt.
  • You can roll up the sleeves of your polo shirt for a more casual vibe, especially on warmer days.
  • Finish off your casual look with a pair of canvas sneakers or loafers for a comfortable yet stylish ensemble.

Styling Polo Shirts for Semi-Formal Occasions

For semi-formal events or occasions where you want to enhance your look, polo shirts can still be a great choice. Here's how to style them for a more polished appearance:

  • Opt for a polo shirt in a solid, neutral color like black, navy, or grey for a more formal look. Then, pair your polo shirt with tailored trousers or dark denim jeans for a sophisticated and relaxed look.
  • Add a blazer or sports jacket to your outfit for a touch of refinement. The blazer can be in a contrasting color or pattern to add visual interest. Complete your semi-formal look with leather loafers or brogues for a classic finish.

Styling Polo Shirts for Formal Looks

For a formal look, pair your polo shirt with dress trousers or suit pants. Choose a slim-fit polo in a dark color, such as black or navy, and pair it with a tailored suit jacket. Add a tie and dress shoes to complete the look.

Styling Polo Shirts for Outdoor Activities

For outdoor activities, such as golf or tennis, choose a polo shirt made from breathable and moisture-wicking fabric. Opt for a bright-colored or bold patterned polo to stand out on the course or court. Pair it with sports shorts or trousers and athletic shoes.

Styling Polo Shirts for a Tropical Vacation

​​For beach or resort wear, choose a polo shirt made from lightweight and breathable fabric, such as linen or cotton. Choosing a polo in a bright color or tropical print will give you a laid-back vibe. Pair it with swim shorts or linen trousers and sandals to finish off the look!

Bonus Styling Tip

You can also change up your look depending on the occasion simply by tucking in your polo shirt or leaving it untucked. Traditionally, polo shirts are tucked into trousers or shorts for a more formal look. However, leaving them untucked can create a more relaxed and casual vibe. Make sure to apply this simple tip the next time you sport a polo shirt!

Elevating Your Outfit with Accessories

Accessories can take your polo shirt outfit to the next level. Here are a few steps to follow to accessorize your look:

  • First, layer a lightweight cardigan or V-neck sweater over your polo shirt for added warmth and style. Then, add a leather belt in a complementary color to define your waist and create a polished look. Finish off your outfit with a stylish watch, a complementary hat, or a pair of sunglasses for a touch of sophistication.

How to Care for Your Polo Shirts

To ensure your polo shirts last and look their best, follow these expert care tips:

  • Firstly, make sure to wash your polo shirts in cold water and with similar colors to prevent fading.
  • Next, avoid using harsh detergents or bleach as they can damage the fabric.
  • Then, dry your polo shirts on a low setting or air-dry to prevent shrinkage. Before wearing them, iron your polo shirts on a low or medium heat setting to maintain their shape and crispness.

How We Can Help You Elevate Your Polo Shirt Game

Here at All Strokes Matter, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality polo shirts that are 100% made in the USA. We are committed to supporting American trade and offering a fresh perspective on golf attire. This is why our line of polo shirts is designed to stand out from traditional sports apparel, reflecting our bold and adventurous spirit.

All Strokes Matter’s line of polo shirts is not just about making a fashion statement; they are also designed with comfort and durability in mind. Made from the highest quality materials in the industry with superior moisture wicking properties, our polo shirts are built to last and can withstand the toughest conditions.

Unlike typical polo shirts, we use an American-made performance tech jersey that features 4-way stretch technology. This helps to ensure maximum flexibility, allowing you to swing with ease and comfort.

Our commitment to quality extends beyond their products to our customer service. We are dedicated to providing the best products and services available, ensuring that every customer is satisfied with their purchase. At All Strokes Matter, you can be confident that you are getting a top-notch product that will enhance your polo shirt game.

As you know, polo shirts are a timeless and versatile wardrobe staple that can be dressed up or down for various occasions. With the right fit, fabric, and color, you can elevate your look and make a statement with your style. Whether you're a fan of surfing, skateboarding, or country clubs, our line of polo shirts and other apparel is designed to help you express yourself while doing what you love!

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